Custom Wrapping Paper FAQ

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Can I divide my total quantity with different versions of my design?

Yes, you can divide your total ordered quantity by so many versions you may the same specs your selecting. You will find a version tab in product configuration that will list the options available for splitting your quantity into multiple versions.

What’s the best wrapping paper for my product?

The best way to choose your paper is by touching and feeling the paper and then deciding what will suit your brand and design the most. 

Can you print on both sides of my wrapping paper?

Yes, 2 side printing is available by selecting one of the options listed in the product configuration wizard.

What’s the difference between reams and sheets?

A ream is a paper-related term and means a specific quantity of the paper in question. When purchasing blank paper, a ream is 500 sheets, however, other quantities can be specified (ie reams of 250, 100, etc). Sheets indicated that the wrapping paper will be delivered in sheets cut to the indicated size, rather than in rolls of fixed widths, allowing for standardization and quicker packaging (as the sheets will always be the same size and will not need to be cut)

Do you offer next day printing service on wrapping paper?

Next day printing is available for wrapping paper however some larger sheet sizes may require an additional day in production. Please keep this in mind while selecting the production turnaround time. 

A protective coating is not required for wrapping paper as it is by its very nature a short term use product. The stock for wrapping paper is also too thin for most conventional coating processes such as UV and lamination.